Alternatives to the Paper Shredder

Recently I viewed an article by fellow writer Jan Corn entitled “Cheap Paper Shredder Alternatives.” In her article she discusses several commercial or home use shredders found online through such sights as eBay and These shredders are economically and environmentally friendly, some even cheap and easy to use.

Since our paper suppliers and publishers began using environmentally friendly inks and dyes in the production of those printed materials, I’ve looked at several alternative methods which allow me to use this waste around my yard and garden. As she mention at one time she would burn those documents which had personal information and as she, so did I. For a long time I would hold on to those documents until winter would come in and burn them in the fire place. But I live in Houston and it doesn’t get cold enough to use a fire place. So I use the next alternative and that is to use them in starting the barbeque pit when we grill and in Texas that happens at least twice a week.

Since barbequing has gotten so costly with meat prices being out of pocket, I’ve chosen another alternative and that is by placing the paper in my garden. There are two methods by which I dispose of the papers. The first is by either spreading the papers over the yard prior to mowing. Every third cutting I will bag the clippings from the yard and place them in the mulch pile with all the rest of the scraps gathered from yard; and putting the paper out prior to cutting, it gets cut up finer than what the paper shredder ever could. Over time the paper breaks down with the rest of the organic materials making some of the finest compost any gardener could ask. Another method I use during the non- growing season is to spread those papers along with newspapers in a layer about 1 inch thick over the area covered by my garden and flower beds. Since most of the plants are dormant during the winter months this makes an exceptional ground cover. I then soak the paper down heavily seeing moisture is a key component in decomposition. Next I spread a layer of the materials that have broken down to about a ½” in size from the mulch pile along with the shredded leaves gathered from the lawn over the beds. Seeing I live in the suburbs I have several friends and neighbors that raise a few head of cattle, or have a horse or two, some even raise chickens or rabbits during season. So there’s plenty of manure to be found and I’ll get a truckload or two of this material and spread it over the bed and the I’ll spread another layer of pine straw or hay to absorb the smell of the manure and then in the spring I’ll till the bed under and I’m ready for planting. This gives me some of the richest soil around.

Another means I use to dispose of those papers is with the chipper/shredder that I have for the garden. Seeing I use this device to shred up leaves and other lawn debris why not shred those unwanted papers. Occasionally if the isn’t a large amount to be disposed of I will that the papers and soak them in lemon water. The acid in the lemon extract helps break down the fibers. I then take the pulp and place it in a blender on emulsify and get the mix o a consistency which is easy to form. Throughout the year I save butter tubs, pudding/fruit cups and sour cream and cottage cheese containers which I use as molds to make planter pots for my starter plants. These can be planted in the ground when you begin your garden beds and the pots will decompose where the pots that you would get from your local garden center are made from plastic. I’ve found this a far better alternative than to just shred those papers and put them to the curb with the rest of the trash.

Even though certain materials in Texas are recycled, a lot of the waste that’s gathered for recycled content in post consumer goods is bailed and placed in warehouses till buyers can be found. And seeing the biggest manufacturers of these post consumer goods are overseas, about 65% of these materials still end up in our landfill sites. So why not use this valuable waste in a manner from which it came?

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HP Envy X360 2-in-1 Convertible Yoga Flip Touchscreen Ultrabook Laptop Review

HP is the top-notch brand in the world of computer electronics. It provides users with unique and innovative products that satisfy the demands of the customers with useful features, sturdy design, and excellent performance. Here is the review of HP Envy X360 2-in-1 Convertible Yoga Flip Touchscreen Ultrabook Laptop – for more information see


The exterior surface of this incredible device is coated with a brushed, bright metallic plastic with a glossy bright bezel on the borders of the screen. Moreover, on the body of this ultrabook, you can see monochrome logos of HP, Envy, and Beats Audio that enhance the overall look and increase its class even more. On the corner of the right wrist rest, there is a sticker of Intel’s Core i5 processor.

All in all, in looks, this device looks way smarter, brighter, and more mature than the other available X360 laptops. Also, its screen is even bigger than most 2-in-1 machines. It has a 15.6-inch screen, weighs about 2.4 kg, and has a maximum thickness of 24 mm.

However, the build quality of the HP Envy is slightly disappointing. If you press the wrist rest portion with pressure, you might feel that the keyboard is bending upwards. Also, the display might flicker if you push the rear of the screen with light pressure. Apart from that, its hinge is robust and works extremely well while switching between different modes.

Some people might have issues with its large size and weight, but a large screen is a very beneficial feature as it makes working on the laptop easier and less complicated than smaller screens. However, due to its huge screen and bulkiness, it is also less manageable than rival devices. Moreover, it comes with two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 connector, an SD card slot, and an HDMI output as well as Gigabit Ethernet.


The performance of the HP Envy X360 is average when it comes to using it in different modes. It does work amazingly as a conventional laptop, but the tablet mode might deliver a less-than-desirable performance. The 15.6-inch widescreen is only comfortable to use when you’re placing it on a table or using while sitting on the sofa. But if you wish to use it with only one hand, you might have some difficulties.

Apart from that, it possesses a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, which displays high-quality images and videos. However, in some cases, you might find that the contrast is too low, making the colors look weak and washed out. Hence, the overall performance is okay if you don’t have issues with the perfect visualization of media and if you don’t want to use the tablet mode with one hand, but if these factors are critical for you, we would suggest you buy a different hybrid laptop.


  • Sleek design
  • Sturdy laptop-to-tablet switching system
  • Convertible multimode functions
  • Excellent Core i5 processor
  • Provides high-quality Beats-branded audio


  • Built quality is mediocre, and the lid is flexible
  • Possesses an average battery life
  • Tablet mode is not convenient to use with one hand
  • Contrast is too low in dark situations
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Fabricating The Perfect Burrito Bowl

Serve burrito bowls with an array of toppings. The bowl really isn’t the founding innovation, states Kremer. Each burrito bowl is full of nearly two servings of veggies, making it simple to get to your day-to-day aim of 7-8 servings. ALL PLATES include RICE AND BEANS.

A speedy pico de gallo provides eye-catching colours and brightness. Personally, I prefer to be own pico as it’s pretty straightforward and it tastes so much better fresh. I really like making burritos since they’re super quick, simple, and healthy. These burritos are willing in under half an hour, making them an effortless weeknight dinner. If you’re hosting plenty of people, invite every person to assemble their own burrito from the prepared components.

Refried beans work nicely, too. The tomatoes seem fantastic, but no tomatoes. Leftover roasted or sautAed vegetables are a fantastic approach to sneak a bit more nutrition in your EFB. In this instance, I’ve swapped out the true rice in your normal burrito bowl with cauliflower rice. Furthermore, the fish is concealed in a roll with a cacophony of different flavors, and that means you truly don’t taste it. It can be difficult to discover healthier food when out and about. It is a healthier hot lunch they love and devour.

Zero chicken thawing, zero oven warming, zero veggies being prepped. Keep everything constrained to a horizontal line farther down the center of the tortilla. Adds a wonderful vinegary zing to the entire meal. Served with a gentle sauce.

Two rolled flour tortillas full of beef hints and beans. At first the ingredients list looks too long, but this’s only because they had to incorporate the word organic’ before each merchandise. That will enable you to personalize the information which you wish or don’t wish to put in your HIP list so that you’re only printing the information which’s most important to you! I really like hearing your feedback!

Remember to take a look! However, don’t hesitate to bring some if you want! If you want my opinion, that’s a great thing. It’s fast, simple, healthy, delicious. It is fast and simple to make too. Then roll this up as tight because it will go. I’m always searching for effortless lunch ideas.

Seriously justas great as the original. Great eye, mate, excellent eye. Plan for approximately 3 ounces per burrito. A big deep-friend burrito full of ground beef and chicken. To craft the ideal burrito, stop contemplating cooking. Two flour tortillas deep-fried and full of beef hints and beans.

Visit a nearby tacqueria and request flour tortillas, states Kremer. At Dos Toros, Kremer explains, we’ve got a steamer, a major powerful machine. Enable the meat express itself, states Kremer. Sadly, Tejas closed a couple of years back. Naturally, these flaws would likewise be inherent in an actual sushi burrito. My version is at least as fantastic! Additionally, it is fine if you prefer to keep the rice plain instead of making the cilantro-lime rice, its better to make it with a rice cooker.

Much like any burrito, rice and beans are crucial to a superb EFB. First, begin with the rice. A conglomeration from a bowl. A conventional Chimichanga with your pick of beef or chicken.

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